Smart Lock

It is an electromechanical lock that locks and unlocks a door, when it receives instructions from a device that uses a wireless protocol to execute the process.

It allows granting or denying access remotely through an application.


· Unlock proximity or remote with your smartphone.
· Custom code numbers.
· They allow granting access to a third party through a virtual key and sends alerts for the different events that program it.
· They can be permanent or temporary for visitors, cleaning services, dog walkers, repair services and each individual member of your family.
· User access limitations to ensure that code holders can only access their home during approved times:

– If the door is left unlocked for a specific period of time.
– If the location of your smartphone is detected outside a designated perimeter from your home (also known as geofencing).

· Alerts on your smartphone if someone tries to enter or manipulate the smart lock. Or configure it to notify the police or residential security service if this occurs.
· Synchronize with the video doorbell and any camera view or record to anyone trying to access.