Smart Home

The future is here and has come to stay!

Endless automated technological equipment and systems have been developed, which are applicable to different types of people:

· Young families, whose first concern is saving time.
· Elderly people worried about their health and safety.
· People with disabilities who would facilitate routine activities.
· People looking for comfort, comfort, luxury and entertainment in their home.
· Those who wish to achieve greater efficiency in the use of household resources.

Lighting Dimmers

Motorized blinds

Climate control

Video doorbell

Smart lock

Audio-Video System


Energy and water monitoring

We offer automation solutions that can be applied in apartments or houses, adapted to the needs of each client, which will undoubtedly improve the way you experience your space, since you can control the elements, using a main control or even your cell phone, from Any part of the world.

Surprise yourself with everything your house can do

No project is too small or too big for us. We are qualified to install, configure your equipment, connect it to your wireless network and teach you how to use it.

Sit comfortably … we take care of everything. Design, equipment, installation, training and technical support.

We also advise on standards, procedures, methods, techniques and equipment to have a safe, reliable and accessible system.


Save energy

Temperature regulation, lighting control, consumption management of each appliance and contracted energy.


Custody and surveillance against intrusions, floods, fires, gas leaks and personal safety with panic alarms.


Remote control and telemetry, internet access, internal communication and shared use of computer resources within the home.


Heating schedules per hour, lighting scenarios, automatic irrigation.


Facilitate the organization of everyday life. Do new tasks from home like work or buy.


Facilitate home activities for the elderly and disabled. Alarms for older people who have fallen, for example.