Shading (Motorized blinds)

The smart curtains work with devices that allow us to remotely control from our Smartphone or Tablet, the intensity of sunlight that we want to have in a room of our house.

The main difference with a traditional curtain is rail motorization and connectivity. The smart curtains have a system of motorized rails that allow them to open and close them even being hundreds of kilometers away from your home.

You can program the operation of your curtains at any time of the day the way you want, creating unique atmospheres and spaces.

There is an immense world of possibilities so that you can adapt to your style, because its design is independent of its automatic function, so you can have the color and fabric you like best.

It is an excellent way to automate your windows while helping you manage natural light in your home.

Now you can control the blinds of your home from an application, on your phone or Tablet, or with a voice command!


· You can extend the longevity of your window treatments by reducing the amount of pulls and pulls on the fabric and accessories.

· Motorized blinds can be programmed.
· They are excellent for your safety, when away from home, the system

You can close the window treatments.

· They can also open them automatically during the day so that the house seems occupied.

· They can also be programmed to adjust at predetermined times to reduce brightness and protect delicate fabrics, works of art, furniture from the sun.

· The models without laces, will make your curtains more aesthetic and safe for children and the family in general.

Innovate your home with a new way to control the light and with the ease of operating the curtains individually or in groups through a remote control with a completely avant-garde design from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Make your home an experience full of comfort and elegance.