Panic button

It is a device capable of emitting a silent signal, which alerts the security center of the contracted company about irregular situations that are occurring.

It is small so it can be easily hidden anywhere (preferably in a hidden place) and can thus notify an emergency situation in an easy way and without the need to type codes or make calls, since just by pressing, the Notification is done automatically.



In the event that you or an employee notices a suspicious movement or the presence of a possible criminal, you simply have to press the button. No siren will be fired but the plant will be notified immediately.


In the case of emergencies of family members or employees, of the third age, with a disability or special feature, you just have to press the button to warn that something is wrong, or to contact immediate assistance.


Alert about fires, floods, gas leaks, landslides and other events that require immediate assistance and without having to call any phone number.