Corporate monitoring. Why it is necessary?

The lack of control over corporate mobiles can cause your business to suffer both economically and operationally, since the absence of a main, non-fragmented and unlimited mobile platform is a great risk for the management and security of many businesses.

· The small size and mobility that allow devices that can be used with complete privacy increases security risks, such as sending confidential information.

· The ease of mobile connectivity to desktop systems via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN, makes it easy for a malicious or unsuspecting employee to go out the door, with customer lists, software source code or financial statements

· Although the employee’s privacy must be respected, finally, the mobile device is corporate property, used as part of your business and you are legally responsible for knowing what is happening.

Con CEO Solutions puedes:

· Monitorear el uso del teléfono celular de tu empresa con la frecuencia que necesitas.

· Respaldar y vigilar el uso de datos del teléfono. · Rastrear a tus empleados.

· Crear roles basados en permisos de acceso, así la persona asignada sólo podrá ver los datos de los usuarios que sean permitidos.

Ofrecemos el servicio para la Gestión de Celulares Corporativos, a través de una herramienta discreta de monitoreo de todas las comunicaciones, el comportamiento y la ubicación de un teléfono inteligente.

Our services include:

 Monitor Calls

Listen to live calls
Record calls
Register calls
VOIP6 Call Log
VOIP6 Call Recording
Listen to ambient sound
Record the environment
SpyCam for FaceTime
Record Skype Calls on Android
Record Skype Calls on iPhone

 Monitor Calls

Take a picture using the camera
Record a video using the camera
Reset Device
Check device battery status
SMS Remote Control
Internet monitoring
Web pages visited
Monitor in Applications

 Monitor Messages

Read SMS and MMS messages
Send fake SMS
Delete SMS with keywords
Read e-mails
Monitor IM Chats
WhatsApp / Facebook / FB Messenger
Viber / LINE

 Monitor Alerts

SIM card change
Calls to specific contacts
Alert Assistant
Monitor Multimedia

Web Filtering

Commonly known as “content control software”, it is software designed to restrict the websites that a user can visit on their computer.

· Monitor and filter virtually all employee web activity, including internal staff and remote workers.

· With this tool you can block or include lists with specific websites by address or keyword, or take advantage of pre-selected and sorted URL lists to easily implement your company’s policies.

· Can work with:
– Whitelist only allow access to sites chosen specifically by who configures the filter
– Blacklists restrict access to unwanted sites as determined by installed regulations

· You can also register all the websites that are accessed and receive alerts of visits to selected sites or categories of sites.- You can also register all the websites that are accessed and receive alerts of visits to selected sites or categories of sites sites.

Perfect for restricting access to social networks!