Climate controls (Thermostat)

They are smart devices that help keep our home at a comfortable temperature without requiring constant verification from us.

The thermostats allow to regulate with total precision the temperature, choosing the most appropriate one and programming the heating on and off. However, thanks to today’s smart thermostats, we no longer have to set the schedule or temperature, now we can handle in real time any parameter that has to do with the temperature of our home.

It is connected via WiFi to various devices such as smartphones or tablets, allowing us to regulate the temperature of a home even without being at home.

Smart thermostats are part of a house that thinks of you.

They have the ability to learn from your habits, your home and your work to maintain a pleasant temperature and save energy.

If you want to have an excellent air conditioning system and keep the temperatures to your liking, it is essential to have an intelligent thermostat, which can be integrated with a system to control from a personal device, from wherever you are.


· Allows to program, monitor and remotely control home temperatures.
· Learn the behaviors of the owners and automatically modify the configuration to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.
· Remind users of filter replacement.
· They report the use of energy, which translates into savings for you.
· Record internal / external temperatures and the time that the HVAC system has been running.
· Some may learn when the house is likely to be occupied and empty.
· For preheating or prior automatic cooling, so that the temperature is comfortable when a resident arrives.