The Internet has been a window of opportunities but also of threats that force corporate cybersecurity to be increasingly indispensable and necessary for companies (large, medium and small). Statistics show that companies are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks that day by day are more intense and advanced.

Perimeter or antivirus solutions are not enough because their intentions are not only to block infrastructure, but to steal information (passwords, bank details, confidential documents). Companies must implement sufficient measures to prevent and counteract possible attacks.

We offer advice in this area, focusing on protection, integrity and privacy of the information found in the networks, including the implementation of equipment, systems and all kinds of integral solutions to ensure the defense against cybercrime.

Many elements should be considered when establishing a cyber threat protection system, which complies with the following:

· Predict and face problems that may arise.

· Reduce the impact of those that cannot be avoided.

Our objectives


Access to it when required, taking into account privacy.


Information accessible only to authorized personnel; It must not reach people or entities that are not authorized.


Right information without unauthorized modifications or errors. It protects against external vulnerabilities.


Information from a user who is who he says he is. It is verified and it must be guaranteed that the origin of the data is correct.

We offer integral solutions that cover the implementation of equipment and systems to ensure the defense of the pillars that make up the information technology.


Virus Malware (Worms and Trojan horses), intersection or theft of data or identities


Hacker, virus and spyware attacks


Firewalls, physical equipment (computers and printers)

However, it is important to clarify that there is no single solution that protects against so many threats that are currently stalking businesses, so we recommend several levels of security: if one fails, the others stand still.

Our strategy

The key to our security proposal is to prevent:

· Get ahead of malicious behavior.
· Avoid information leakage.
· Update the infrastructure.
· Implement effective technology, systems and equipment.
· Backup. Be able to recover lost information.
· Educate the user. They have to be aware of the threats that lurk in their daily work.





We also advise on standards, procedures, methods, techniques and equipment to have a safe, reliable and accessible system.